REFSS Web App - Submit eLogs via your Web Browser

A popular feature request from stores has been "Can I submit log sheets from my computer, from a web browser?  Some of the larger/longer eLogs take to long to fill in on a device."

Well - Good News!  We are happy to announce our new custom feature in REFSS - the REFSS Web App.


The REFSS Web App gives REFSS Administrators control over setting up Web users, assigning eLogs to these Web users and allowing log in access to a new Web-based submission portal.  

Web users can then access the new Web App website, fill in and submit elogs - just as they would on a tablet.  The data submitted is then sent to the same channels in REFSS reporting (Detailed reporting, Summary reporting, Dynamic reporting etc).

What is a Web User?

Web users operate in a similar way to Devices in REFSS - 

  1. Web users are controlled/added via the normal REFSS dashboard (enabled upon special request - contact REFSS to set up).  
  2. Web users consist of a Web username and an Org Key, and each Web user can be assigned it's own list of existing eLog sheets that have been previously published for your site
  3. Once a Web user has been added, you will need to use a separate website to access the eLogs - 

How to set up a Web User

  1. The REFSS Web App is a custom feature - contact REFSS to set up for your site
  2. Create web user
    1. If web user access has been given to a site, you should see “Web app” in the left menu towards the bottom (under Mobile Devices) – click it.  If not, contact REFSS to enable it for the store
    2. To add a user, click Add web user button in the top right corner.  Enter a simple name for it (e.g. "web"), and then select the elog sheets you would like this user to have access to.  Click save. 
      mceclip2.png This will give a username and org key – you’ll need this for the initial log in.

Access the Web App

  1. Log in to the web app user portal
    1. Open a google chrome browser and enter in the address bar
    2. When using for the first time, click “First Time User”
    3. You’ll need to enter the Web username and Org key (also called OTP – one time password) from 2b above.  Click register when ready
    4. You’ll then be prompted to enter a password – this is the new password you will use from now on for this account.  Re-enter the password to make sure it is correct and click Register
    5. If successful you’ll see the list of elogs on screen and can start using the web portal to submit.

      Note: once you have set up your password, you can use it to log in with your web username for all future logins - enter these details into the login screen and click "Login"
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