How do I exclude specific days (e.g. Public Holidays) from my Scheduler?

Great news - Thanks to the valuable feedback from real stores in our network, REFSS have now implemented a new Scheduler Exclusion tool.  


Stores can now set the REFSS Scheduler to EXCLUDE certain days from their normal schedule so they aren't counted in reports - in cases where the store is not operating for one or more days where checks are not required.


An example case could be a store that has 5 daily checks to complete, but the store is closed for Christmas day - the REFSS Scheduler tool would normally count these as expected submissions and record them as "not submitted" if no submission was received - but now the store can exclude this day from the expected count, and in response the REFSS scheduler system will avoid the false "not submitted" counts, leading to more accurate compliance % scores.


The new Scheduler Exclusion tool can be set for a single day or date range.  During this excluded period the Scheduled intervals for ALL eLogs for your site will not be considered/expected for submission.  This will have an impact on your overall Compliance % for your store.


How to set Exclusion dates:

The new Scheduler Exclusion tool can be found in the eLog Scheduler page in the REFSS dashboard - just click the blue button in the top right part of the screen - "Exclude Schedule Settings":



To set the Exclusion period:


  1. Select a start and end day.  For just one day, select the same start and end day.

  2. Click "Set exclusion date(s)" to save your setting

Your excluded date(s) will appear in the table below, showing the start/end date(s), and the status (Upcoming/Active/Expired)



Note: You can set as many excluded dates in the future as you need - but

  • the excluded dates can't overlap other excluded periods that have been set
  • you can only set excluded dates in the future (current day/back dating not allowed)
  • Any submissions made for Scheduled eLogs on these Exclusion dates will be recorded as "Outside Schedule"


What to expect from using the Exclusion tool

The REFSS system uses Scheduler in a number of areas, and setting Exclusion dates will impact the following:

  • Summary Report (Site and Group Summary reports) - Excluded items won't count toward the Expected Scheduled count, and therefore should avoid false "not submitted" counts
  • Dynamic Reporting - Excluded items won't count toward the Expected Scheduled count, and therefore should avoid false "not submitted" counts
  • Scheduled view on Eziops app - In case you are still checking Eziops on an Excluded day, excluded Scheduled items won't appear in Scheduled view of the Eziops app




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