Group Notifications

If you are a REFSS Full Bundle Customer, you now have access to our exciting new feature - Group Notifications!

Group Notifications is a messaging tool that allows the sending of notification messages to selected individual/all devices, across any/all site within your Group network.  These messages can be viewed on the device, and the read/unread status can be tracked via the REFSS dashboard.


REFSS Dashboard: Enable Group Notifications for sub-users (e.g. Store Managers)

The new Group Notifications feature is available to REFSS Admin users by default - but it isn't automatically enabled for other users of the REFSS system.  However Admin users can enable the feature to any of their sub-users as needed:

  1. Log in to as an Admin user (the person that created the original REFSS login account)

  2. Account Management is available in the "Group" view of your REFSS dashboard - if you can see "Group Management" in the left menu (about half way down), click it to navigate to the Group view.  If not, you are already in Group view.

  3. Click on Account Management (1) in the left menu to expand it, then click “Account Configuration” (2)

  4. Find the user you'd like to enable this new feature for - to the far right, click Actions, then click "Edit"

  5. In the power part of the screen you should see an option to "Access Group Notifications" - select YES
  6. Click the Save button

If you'd like to ADD a new sub-user account, check out our other help areas:



REFSS Dashboard: Create a new Notification Message

  1. Group Notifications is available in the "Group" view of your REFSS dashboard - if you can see "Group Management" in the left menu (about half way down), click it to navigate to the Group view.  If not, you are already in Group view
  2.  From the Group view, click "Group Notification"
  3. Here you will see the Notification History - this is a list of all the previously sent messages.  Here you will find details/information for all messages, including:
    1. Created At (time)
    2. Created By (time)
    3. Triggered At (time)
    4. Notification Title 
    5. Notification Message (body of the message)
    6. Delivery Details (read/unread status)
  4. Click the red "Add" button in the top-right corner of the page
  5. Enter the Title of the message in the "Title" field

  6. Enter the body of the message in the "Message" field

  7. Select one or more devices as recipients of the message.  This can be done in a few ways:
    1. Send to ALL devices at ALL sites: click the "Select All" box to select every available device
    2. Send to ALL devices at one site: click the box next to a particular site name - this will select all the devices listed under that site
    3. Send to individual devices: tick the box next to each device as needed - only these devices will be sent the message
  8. Click the "Create Notification" button

Your message has been created and is waiting to be sent. 

Note: Messages are not sent immediately - this gives you an opportunity to review and edit the message first.  

  • To edit a message before sending, click the "Actions" button, then select Edit



REFSS Dashboard: Send the message - Trigger it

After reviewing the message, you are ready to send it.  We call this "triggering" the message.

  1. To the right of the message, click the "Actions" button, then select "Trigger"
  2. A confirmation message will appear and the "Triggered at" column will update in your Notification history table, showing the time it was triggered
    Note: You may notice the Actions button is greyed out/disabled after triggering a message - once a message has been triggered it can't be edited or resent.  To resend a message you'll need to create a new one.

  3. After a message has been created, you can check whether it has been read/opened by someone using one of the recipient devices - to do this, click the "View more" link just before the Actions button



Mobile Device: Receiving the Notification Message

Once the message has been triggered from the REFSS dashboard, it will be broadcast out to the recipient devices - this can take 30 sec to a minute or so.

On the device, you will receive a notification in a few different ways:

  1. If the screen is locked, a notification message will appear - when you unlock the screen – you should see something like this (depending on your device)
  2. Or if you unlock the screen and swipe from the top-down
  3. Or if you are using the Eziops app, a popup message will appear

The above messages are a "notification" that a message has been sent and received by the Eziops app.

You may also notice a new BELL icon in the top-right of the forms page in Eziops - this is the new Notifications area of the app.  If there are new unread messages, the bell will also show a red number:


  • Click on the Bell icon

The Notification area shows the list of received messages for that particular device.  New/unread messages are in Bold


  • Click on the message to read it

To read the message in full, click the desired message.  A new page will open within Eziops, displaying the message.


Important: Once the message has been opened on the device, the status of the message for that particular device will be changed from "Not Seen (red)" to the time it was read (green).  If you are logged in to the REFSS dashboard (REFSS Dashboard: Send the message - Trigger it - step 3 above), you can click on View More and see the status of the message for each device.



If you are a Basic Bundle customer and would like to use Group Notifications for your site(s), contact REFSS to see how you can upgrade to Full Bundle.

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