How to access your Corona Virus (COVID 19) Safety Plan Checklist - Retail and Grocery - Template

All businesses are being advised by Prime Minister & Cabinet to create their own COVID Safe plan regardless of the individual states requirement to submit a plan or not.  

The REFSS Team have been working with the REFSS Advisory Committee to construct the questionnaire and have referenced various Federal and State Authority COVID-19 links and attempted to insert as many retail grocery elements/hints as possible.

Follow the instructions below to know how to publish your COVID 19 Safety Plan Checklist - 

1. Log in to your Refss Dashboard using Google Chrome Browser.

  URL -

    Note - If you have access to more than one store, click on the store name when you login and then find this menu on the left.


2. Click ' Mobile Devices' on the left menu and find the device you want to apply the eLog(s) to.

3. To the far-right on this page, click the 'Select eLog Sheets' button - 


4. Tick the new e-Log sheet and click on 'Save' button at the bottom.

7. Grab your tablet and open 'Eziops' App. Click the 'Settings' tab at the bottom right corner. Click 'Sync Now' button to refresh the App.

8. Open up the new 'Corona Virus (COVID 19) Safety Plan Checklist - Retail and Grocery - Template' elog and complete all the questions.  When completed insert an email address you can access so the Plan Template can be forwarded as a PDF.

mceclip1.png Print the PDF and share it with people in the store who should be fully aware of the stores plan to Covid-19.
mceclip2.png The output will also be available in detailed reporting in your dashboard.


Note: This is guidance document only, as events unfold locally, nationally and internationally it is important to monitor the advice from the World Health Organisation, Australian Department of Health and your State Department of Health in
respect to appropriate responses to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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