Getting Started

Configuring Your Site is the next important step that you need to do after signing up on Refss Platform. 

This diagram shows the steps you need to follow to configure your site on Refss.


Step 1 - Add Staff 

Add your staff individually, or by uploading a bulk list of them. 

These names will appear in 'Your Name' field in each eLog Sheet on the Eziops App.

It ensures Accountability with Signatures.

Help Article - How to add Staff? Help Video - How to Add Staff


Step 2 - Add Cooked Products & Hot Food Storage Units

Add Bain Marie and other Hot Storage units with BBQ Chickens or Nibbles or Potato Bake etc here.

It applies correct Temperature Ranges to all cooked products and Storage units.

Help Article - How to add Cooked Products? Help Video - How to add Cooked Products?

Step 3 - Add Suppliers

Add both Food and Non Food Suppliers & Transport. Add them individually or by bulk uploading.

This populates Goods Inwards Supplier List.

Help Article - How to add Suppliers? Help Video - How to Add Suppliers?

Step 4 - Add Equipment

Add Scales for Daily Scales Check.

Add Fridges, Freezers, Coolrooms etc for Refrigeration and Freezer Temperature Check and

Temp Guns or Probe for Thermometer Calibration Check.

Help Article - How to Add Equipment? Help Video - How to Add Equipment?

Step 5 - Publish eLog Sheets

Select all eLogs and publish your list information across all of the industry designed templates which tailors these eLogs to your store.

Help Article - How to Publish eLog Sheets? Help Video - How to Publish eLog Sheets?


Step 6 - Schedule eLog Sheets

Apply Default Schedules or your custom schedule to the log sheets for your staff to know what tasks need to be done and when.

Helps you to keep a track of completion status & know what tasks are missed.

Help Articles-

Apply Default Scheduler

eLog Scheduler - How to Set Intervals

Scheduled View on Eziops app

Help Video - 

eLog Scheduler overview


Step 7 - Add Mobile Device(s)

Add your tablet and apply a few or all the e-log Sheets that you want to see on your tablet.

Help Article - How to Add a Device? Help Video - How to Add a Device in Refss Dashboard?


Step 8 - Install Eziops App

  Install Eziops App from Play Store (Android users) or App Store (Apple users). Enter Device Name and Organisation Key that you have generated in previous step to connect your app to your store.

Help Video - Install Eziops App and connect your Device


Step 9 - Start Submitting

  Congratulations! You have configured your site and now you can start using Eziops App to do your checks.

Help Article - Eziops - How do I use it?  


Or Watch this video and configure your site today!

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