How to Uninstall and Reinstall the Eziops App (Android)?

Before you uninstall the Eziops App, please make sure that there are no pending submissions on the tablet.  And if there are any, we suggest you to submit these to the dashboard so that you don't lose your valuable data. 

How to check for Pending submissions on your tablet?

a. On the Eziops App, click on 'Submissions' tab.

b. Ensure your device is connected to the internet'.

c. Check if there are any records in yellow/orange colour.  Click on the 'Retry Submission' button until they turn green.  


Follow the simple steps below to -

Uninstall the App

 1.  On the tablet, find 'Play Store' and open it. 


2. Type in 'Eziops' on the search bar at the top.  Look for the Eziops icon and click on it.


3. Click on the 'uninstall' button. 


Restart your tablet - 

4. Long press the switch on/off button on the side of the tablet.

5. It will give you you an option to restart your tablet.


Reinstall Eziops App - 

6. When tablet restarts, click on Play Store again.

7.  Search for Eziops and click on install button this time. 


Connect your Eziops App to Refss Dashboard.

8. Login to your Refss Dashboard

Please note - If you are a multi-site owner, navigate to the correct store by clicking on the store name on the Group Dashboard or by selecting the store name from 'My Sites' button on the top left.

9. On the left menu, click on Mobile Devices


10. You will see all your devices listed here.  Click on the text 'Regenerate Org Key' next to device name you are working with and it will display the 4 digit Organisation Key.


11. Enter this Device Name and Organisation key on Eziops App on the tablet and click on blue 'Connect Device' button.



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