Action steps if a team member is suspected of COVID 19

If someone suspects that they may have Corona Virus, the following steps must be taken:

  1. Send the employee home.

  2. Ask them to ring their doctor and Get him/her to get tested immediately (results take 2 to 3 days!).  At the very least, by asking for the test, a GP will determine if the employee needs one.

        If he/she does get tested, do the following. . .

  1. Call Store Owner/Manager.

  2. Find out which employees had more than 15 minutes isolated contact (close contact) with suspected Corona Virus employee (worked next to him/her on the checkout; took their lunch break together, etc.).  Working more than a metre away is NOT close contact.

  3. Any employees who has had that close contact needs to stay home until the results of the test of the first employee are known.  This is done in order to stop the spread of more contamination.

  4. Most importantly, do not be a dramatist or rumour spreader.  The person(s) may not have Corona Virus and we wouldn’t want to start rumours or scare people unnecessarily.   This needs to be handled delicately and as discretely possible.  

Some of the more drastic predictions say that up to 30% of the workforce will be off sick or self-quarantined or unable to attend (due to closures etc).  I think this is extreme; however, we will be under the pump regardless.  Please be prepared.  


Download a poster issued and published by Australian Government, Department of Health, for the notice board for Information for people with a suspected case

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