COVID 19: Store Guidance Plan

Corona Virus (COVID 19) Store Guidance Plan 

We understand that as a store you are committed to protect your employees and visiting customers against the possibility of contracting illness due to the recent outbreak of the Corona Virus. 

Corona Virus is highly contagious and that we need to have measures in place to ensure any risk of infection in the workplace is minimised.

This plan is built aiming to protect your staff and the community by implementing the following increased hygiene measures.

Workplace guidelines

The following guidelines are intended to assist employees in regard to attendance at work. It is important for us to protect our employees and for us all to be aware of our personal obligations to protect ourselves and others in an effort to prevent and control the spread of the virus.

We believe it is essential to consider our need for high level hygiene practices, travel arrangements and coming back to work and the need for each one of us to take care in our daily practices.

1.Our hygiene policy

  • Regular hand washing and sanitising is an essential part of this plan.
  • Paper towels and tissues should be used and be disposed of in bins provided, immediately after use.  
  • Coughing and sneezing should be done into tissues or elbows, but not hands.
  • Bacterial wipes should be used on trolley handles and baskets (at least twice daily, 7am-9am and 2pm-4pm), shelves, counters and registers, or wherever there are areas used by several staff or members of the public.
  • Maintain a safe distance (consider use of 1 metre or trolley rule) and avoid close contact with those infected individuals or those exhibiting symptoms of the virus.
  • Use cutlery when eating and avoid using your hands.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. 
  • Eliminate the use of handshakes when greeting others.
  • Monitor your personal health and condition, keeping an eye out for any of the symptoms.
  • Staff bathrooms and common areas (lunchrooms, etc.) need to be cleaned and restocked (soap, towels) each morning (7am-9am) and afternoon (2pm-4pm).  If using cloth towels for dishes, they need to be changed over frequently.
  • Offer disposable gloves to checkout operators (money carries germs as do recyclable bags).

2. Travel guidelines, close contact with infected individuals and return to work

  • If you have recently travelled to a designated infected area such as China, South Korea, Italy or Iran please notify the store, visit your doctor and follow the health guidelines that will be provided to you by the appropriate authorities. (Please note that these designated infected areas may be extended). 
  • If you have been in a lower health risk area, then we require that you visit a medical centre and obtain a clearance before returning to work. Please provide the medical clearance to your Store Manager on your return to work.
    If you are a permanent employee (full time or part time) and you are required to be absent from work, then you may take paid personal leave. A medical certificate will be required for your days absent from work. 
  • If you are a casual employee, then you will not be entitled to payment during your absence; however, anyone casual who may suffer financial hardship due to time off, can speak with their Store Manager to make arrangements to ease this financial burden. If you are ill, you should not be at work and you will be required to provide a medical clearance before returning to work.
    Anyone considering travelling by airplane, must first seek guidance from their Store Manager as they may need to take additional time off prior to returning to work.

3. General on-going responsibilities

  • We are uncertain how long the virus will last; however, we should all take calm precautions and we should not overreact. 
  • If at any time during work time you feel unwell or show any symptoms of a cold or flu, then you must inform management and immediately seek medical advice. Remember, although we all must take the necessary precautions, you do not have to have been overseas to contract the virus. Be conscious of your surroundings. Do not shake hands or embrace anyone and be careful on public transport. 
  • The Department of Health in each State and the Federal Government is providing guidelines on a daily basis for the management of the virus and its containment, so please ensure you adhere to the authorities’ guidelines.

Should you require further information, please refer to the Australian Government Department of Health website about updated advice from your Federal Member of Parliament and Senator.


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