Eziops app logged out on my Android device


Some users have reported that Android tablets have been logging out of the Eziops app and requesting the Device name and Org Key be re-entered – we are continuing our investigation on the root cause but our initial findings are pointing to a recent Google Chrome update causing some issues.

Don't install Google Chrome Updates for now

IMPORTANT: If your Android device is showing "Update(s) Available" or "Updates need approval" or a similar message, please Do Not Update.  There is a risk that the update will clear the Eziops login details, along with any pending drafts or submissions that have not yet reached the REFSS dashboard.


More information on this issue is available HERE


Since there is a risk of losing your pending submission data if you install the System update, we first recommend:

    1. opening the Eziops app
    2. clicking the Submissions tab at the bottom
    3. looking for any yellow/pending submissions - if you find any, ensure your tablet is connected to the internet and click the "Retry Submission" button to send them again.  
    4. If you click the Retry button and nothing seems to happen, don't press it again (it may send another submission/duplicate) - the app may need to upload a fair bit of data which can take time - some submissions may take several minutes so please keep the Submission screen active to give the app time to push the submissions through. 
    5. Once sent successfully, the submission should appear Green.
    6. Ensure all pending submissions have been sent (they will show as Green on the submissions page), and then you can do the system update if you choose.

Re-connect the Eziops app to your REFSS account

If you see the Eziops login screen asking for a device name and Organisation key, you can re-connect the Eziops app by accessing the Device details in your REFSS dashboard:

  1. Log in to your REFSS dashboard, click the Red “My Sites” button at the top of the screen and select your store, or you can click your Store name under "Group Total"
  2. Towards the bottom of the left menu, click “Mobile Devices”
  3. Find the device you need and click “Regenerate Org Key”

    If you don't see “Regenerate Org Key” but see a 4-digit number instead, your Org key has already been regenerated - go to the next step.
  4. A new 4-digit Org key will be displayed
  5. Take the Device name and Org key details as shown on your REFSS dashboard and enter them into your Eziops app on the tablet
  6. Click the "Connect Device" button - if the Device name was entered correctly, you should see a few messages like "DB upgraded" - you can click OK on these messages and your tablet should show the list of eLogs as normal.  

    If the device name isn't recognised, please re-check your spelling of the device name - it must match what is stored in the system EXACTLY or it will not connect for you.

If you are having problems or need further help, contact our support team HERE

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