NEW: Dynamic Report

Introducing Dynamic Reporting - the new REFSS tool to analyse Submissions based on your Scheduler.


This new reporting tool can analyse your submissions a number of ways

  • Filtering on Site, Department, and/or eLog - any combination of these 3 areas can be isolated; you can be as specific or as general as you need to be.
  • Compliance % - based on the Scheduler settings for eLog sheets, you can quickly see how compliant your sites are.  This is based on the number of On Time or Late submissions divided by the expected submissions (calculations based on scheduled eLogs only)
  • Submissions count: Total Submissions, On time/Late submissions, Expected Submissions - you can now track totals for your Scheduled eLogs (on time/late) as well as non-Scheduled eLog total submissions
  • Monthly or Weekly view - You can choose the range of data that is analysed, either Monthly or weekly (Monday-Sunday) at the click of a button.
  • 3 levels of reporting - Group (multi-site), Site or eLog level.  
  • Trend report - quickly compare your current month/week with previous results
  • Submission history - View data from up to 6 months/12 weeks prior
  • NEW: Not submitted and % Non-Compliance data now available on the Dynamic Report tool
  • NEW: Export your Data to Excel
    • Count Data or Compliance % report
    • Trend Data
    • Elog Sheet Detail (Counts or % Compliance/Non Compliance)

The Basic Functions of the Tool - Set the parameters for the report


By default, when you load the page you will see stats for all sites, all departments and all eLogs.  These can be adjusted to isolate the data if needed.  Simply select one or more sites, departments or elogs and click the Submit button to load the specific data.  You can filter on just one area, or any combination of all 3.  

e.g. To check how compliant the Refrigeration and Freezer temperature checks have been across all stores in your group, simply select the eLog filter drop down and either scroll down or type a few letters of the name of the elog (1), and select the matching elog(s) (2).  Then click the Submit button (3).  


The values across all areas of the report will update to match your filter request.


Monthly or Weekly View

While selecting your filtering options, you can also set the range of data that is analysed - you can view the report in either Monthly or Weekly view.  


Simply choose from the 2 radio button options and click "Submit" - the values across all areas of the report will update to match your filter request.


Submission History

You can also choose to view the data for a previous Month or Week.  You might notice on the Trend Bar graph, that the bars have dates under them - this represents the total count or compliance % for that period - but it also is clickable!  Just click on the required Bar and you can load the data for that period.  


By default, the data will be shown for the previous complete month or week, depending on which view you have selected.  The values across all areas of the report will update to match your selection.


Compliance % or Submission Counts

The data can also be viewed as a percentage of the valid submissions compared to the expected submissions.  The expected submissions are based on your Scheduler settings, so it is vital that these are up to date and accurate as possible.  Check how to adjust your Scheduler for each site: Help Article or Video.  

By default, your stats are shown in the Compliance %.  You can also change this to view the count of either

  • Total Submissions
  • On Time/Late submissions
  • Expected Submissions
  • NEW: Not Submitted

To do this - simply click on the "View more" text of the Count type you'd like:


The values across all areas of the report will update to match your selection.

To switch back to Compliance %, just click on the Compliance summary graph (Circular graph) - The values across all areas of the report will update to match your selection.


 NEW: Click the RED part of the circular graph to see the Non-compliant % 


Export to Excel

You can now export the data you have prepared on screen into an Excel file.  There are 3 reports where the Export feature can be used:

  • Count Data or Compliance % report
  • Trend Data
  • Elog Sheet Detail (Counts or % Compliance/Non Compliance)

Simply prepare your report using the Filters, Date ranges, count/compliance % etc.  You will now see a button to the right side of each report - click it to Export the available data into an Excel file


Open the Excel file - you will see a summary of all the report details (filters - sites, departments, elogs, date ranges, report type) and finally the actual data from the report selected.


Trend report 

From the top level view, you can quickly see improvement or regression by comparing your current month/week with previous results.  Whether it is in Monthly or Weekly view, you can compare the performance of your current month or week against other weeks/months


NEW: The Trend report can now be Exported into an Excel file


3 levels of reporting

The data presented in the report is based on your selections made with Filtering, Monthly/weekly view, date range and Compliance % or count. 

Level 1: The top-level view will show the overall count or % of all the sites selected in your filtering. 


But you can also refine the detail of the report by drilling down to the next level - Group (multi-site), Site or eLog level.  
NEW: Export your data to Excel by clicking the Export to Excel button on the Right side of the Report


Level 2: Click on either the Compliance (circular) graph to show % or one of the "View More" boxes to show the counts, and you will see the values broken down "by Site":

Level 3: Below the listed Sites, you will see a button "show eLog details" - click this to drill down to the 3rd level of detail - the selected sites and elogs, and their counts/compliance %:


NEW: Click the "Export eLog Data to Excel" to export the eLog sheet detail into an Excel file


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