eLog Scheduler - Set Individual Days/Months in your Scheduled intervals

Our earlier version of Scheduler only allowed for checks to be done every single day, week or month. 

NEW: You now have the ability to set specific days of the week (handy for stores that are closed on weekends), or specific months of the year (useful for quarterly/bi-annual or annual checks).

  1.  Navigate to the eLog Scheduler in your REFSS dashboard - click here for help on how to do this or watch the related videos here

  2.  After selecting your elog(s), choose your frequency - either Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

    1. Daily: You can now select All Days, or simply tick/untick the days you need.  
    2. Monthly: Similarly, you can select All Months for a monthly check, or tick/untick the months needed, and the system will expect submissions during that period. 

      For e.g. for a quarterly check, you might want to tick Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec.  

      Or a yearly check, just click the "All months" box to untick all the months, and then tick the month you'd like the check to be performed

      Note: The maximum period for the check is still monthly however - i.e. if you are setting up a quarterly check, the "On time" period can be set to be a maximum of 1 month, which is the month that you select (and also based on the day and time that is set for that month).  
    3. Once you have chosen your frequency of check, set the Scheduled time up as normal - choose the time window for the check (Full month, or specify a start and end time), and select a start/end Date if needed.
    4. Click Save to set the Scheduler interval.
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