NEW: Scheduled View on Eziops has arrived!


The latest Eziops app release includes the new "Scheduled View" - a view that shows you the eLogs you need to action right now. 

You can now use the app to quickly access the eLogs that need to be submitted next for the day - this is based on the scheduled times that have been set in your REFSS eLog scheduler dashboard.

To start using the new Scheduled View, you will need to make sure you have the very latest version of Eziops - you can check this by opening the Play store (Android) or App Store (iPad) on your device and search for Eziops - if you see an "Update" button, click it and install the latest version of the app.

You will also need to ensure you have set up Scheduled times for the important eLogs that you want to track activity for.  For info on how to do this, click HERE

After setting your Scheduled times for your eLogs, you can now check which eLog is due to be submitted next by

  • Opening up the Eziops app on your device
  • Clicking the "Scheduled" tab at the bottom-left side of the app



Scheduled View - Explained

The Scheduled view displays the eLog sheets that are due to be submitted for the current day.  The layout is split into 3 sections:

  • Action Now: eLogs that can be submitted now are listed here.  This includes intervals that are active at the current time (On Time - Green) or ones that may have already passed (Late - Orange).  eLogs listed here can be clicked on and submitted directly from this view.mceclip1.png

  • Action Later: eLog intervals that have not yet started are listed here.  These are not currently active, and as such, can't be clicked on to be edited/submitted.

  • Not Submitted: eLog intervals that were missed for the day (and a following interval for the same eLog has started) will be listed here.  Not submitted items cannot be edited/clicked on.

    For more info on the Scheduler rules, click HERE

eLogs that appear under the "Action Now" category can be directly clicked on and submitted.  Once submitted, they will disappear from the Scheduled view and appear in the Submissions tab.

Note: It is recommended to sync the Scheduled view before making a submission to ensure you have the latest updated status of each eLog.  To do this, simply click on the "Last sync" button next to the search bar at the top of the app



New Scheduler View - How to use it

  1. Click on the "Scheduled" tab, then Click on the required eLog
  2. Fill in the details of the eLog, click submit
  3. The submission is sent to the REFSS dashboard, and if you click on the Submissions tab it should appear successfully submitted.
  4. Click on the Scheduled tab again - the eLog you just submitted has been completed and is no longer due, so it has been removed from the Scheduled list for the day.



Scheduler List and App Scheduler View 

In the example below, there are 4 eLogs scheduled in the REFSS system:

  • Daily Floor Inspection log - Daily: 1 check every hour, 9 in total for the day
  • Daily Scales Check - Daily: 1 check per day, only for weekdays
  • Refrigeration and Freezer Temperature checks - Daily: 1 per day, set for every day
  • Thermometer Calibration - Weekly: 1 check per week


When checking this on the app - the Scheduled View compares the current time and Scheduled eLogs and rearranges the eLogs that are due to be completed today in the 3 categories - Action Now, Action Later, Not Submitted.


In the example, the time is 1:32pm on a Monday. 

Action Now: LATE submissions

The Refrigeration and Freezer Temperature checks (g) were due to be done between 00:00 and 12:00 and has not been submitted yet. Since it is now 1:32pm, they are in the "Late" stage.  Late eLogs can still be submitted however, so they appear under the "Action Now" category.  Late items appear in ORANGE.


The same applies with the Daily Scales check (f), it was due to be submitted between 6:00am and 9:00am but wasn't submitted - this also appears as a "Late" submission.  


Action Now: ON TIME submissions

The weekly Thermometer calibration eLog (h) is scheduled for Monday 9:00am to Friday 5:30pm.  As the current time is between these 2 times, it appears as "On Time".  On Time items appear as GREEN.


NOT SUBMITTED submissions

The first 5 Daily Floor Inspections (a, b, c, d, e) were not submitted, and are recorded as "Not Submitted" in the REFSS dashboard as well as shown in the new Scheduled View.  Not submitted items appear in RED.


The 6th scheduled time for this eLog in the Scheduler list (1:00pm to 1:15pm) was submitted in this example, so it has disappeared from the list (it has been completed) - it now will appear in the Submissions tab of the app.


Action Later

The next scheduled time for Daily Floor Inspections (i) is at 2:00pm to 2:15pm - this has not yet started (remembering the current time is 1:32pm) - so this appears under the "Action Later" category.  Future scheduled items appear in GREY.


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