Upgrading Your Apple Device Data Capture App To Eziops


This page is for Apple devices for Android devices click here

The old REFSS data capture App was retired at the end of September 2018 and you MUST now install the new Eziops app to continue capturing data for your REFSS dashboard. 

By upgrading to the new App you will not lose any of your old data and your existing forms and lists will be moved over to the new App and linked to your existing dashboard. 

The new App has some new features that will improve the functionality of forms.

Whilst we have spent months building and testing the new App please let us know if you have any issues and thank you for your patient

Get Started

Before you start upgrading, please make sure that your existing device(s) are online and all of the data has synchronised up to the dashboard. 

Get started by checking your email. You will have received an email from REFSS team (  with details of your device name(s) and organisation key.  You will need these details on hand when installing the new Eziops App on either Apple or Android devices see below; 

If you are experiencing issues with your upgrade please visit our support page or raise a support ticket 


From your Apple device(s) desktop, simply look for the 'App Store' symbol above then, click on it to open the App Store.  Once inside the App Store, search in the top search bar for 'Eziops'. 


Once you find the Eziops App (see above) simply click on it and choose install. 

​Alternatively from your devices desktop choose the 'Safari' App icon (see below)


and browse to  ie this page on your Apple device and then click here

Upgrade Issues

After upgrading If you are experiencing any issues with the Eziops App follow these steps





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