Android - EZIOPS App issue on Android including spinning wheel, missing elogs / forms, duplicate elogs / forms etc

If you upgraded before the 28th of September and are experiencing any issues please follow the following steps to   to clear App data and re install the Exiops App on your Android device(s).  Note you will also need login access to the REFSS website / Dashboard. (For Apple devices click here)

1. Using your web browser, login to the REFSS website/dashboard and republish your elog sheets  (see below) either;

 - from 1 Site Configuration > 2 Your store > 3 Actions button > 4 Publish elog sheets >then click "Select all" > and  'Publish'  (see below);


- or from the Lists page > Left menu > Publish elog sheets > "Select all" > Publish

2. Check that the correct elogs are assigned to the device: To get  to the the "Devices" Page either; 

- from 1 Site Configuration > 2 Your store > 3 Actions button > 4 Devices, (see below);


- or from the Lists page > Left menu > Devices.

3. For device with 1 incorrect elogs , Click the 2 'Actions button', then 3 'Edit' (see below);


4. From here, you can tick/untick any elog sheets you wish to add or remove on your device. Once you have selected/unselected the elogs you require, click 'Save' - this is important or your changes will not be kept. 


5. You will also need to generate a NEW 'Organisation key' - After republishing, click Mobile Devices (in the left menu), then for the affected device, click "Regenerate Org Key".  Make a note of this 4-digit number and the name of the device.


6. On the Android device home screen click on the 'Settings' cog (see below);


7. Click app and or 'Application manager' icon (see below);


8. In the 'Application Manager' click on the 'Eziops' App icon (see below);


9. Choose 1 'Clear data' button (see below);

10. Choose  2 'Force stop' button (see below);

11. Then click the 3 "Uninstall" button (see below);


12. Return to the Android device home screen and open the 'Goolge Play' or 'Play Store' icon (see below);


13. Search for 'eziops' and click on the 'Eziops' icon (see below) then click  'install'


14. After reinstalling the Eziops App, enter the 'Device' name and NEW 'Organisation Key' (recorded from step 5 above) into the Eziops App setup screen (see below) and click "Connect Device";




That is the end of the update process. Now your Eziops App should be updated and the elogs restored. 

If you have followed this procedure and are still having issues please raise a support ticket and we will get back to your ASAP  click here

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