What is Eziops?


Eziops is here!

Eziops is our brand new app - an exciting new platform that supports all industries (Retail Grocery, Hospitality, Horticulture, etc), allowing us more flexibility to add new features within the app in the future.

An immediate benefit to the new app is real-time updates for adding/removing elog sheets from specific devices.  Previously you needed to contact REFSS support. Not anymore - you will now have full control over what elogs appear on your device. This can be managed from the "Devices" left menu link in your REFSS dashboard - click HERE for more details.

Coming soon:

  • Folder grouping of eLogs
  • Built-in App Reports
  • More sophisticated eLogs such as Product Recalls/Withdrawals, Task Management, Food Safety Audit, etc.

Eziops is a direct replacement to our existing IGL Mobile Form Data app.

With the new Eziops app you'll still be able to submit your elog sheets as normal, and the Dashboard side (reporting, notifications, Corrective actions etc) will continue to work the same way as it does now.


Upgrade to the Eziops App - the process

There will be a migration period where each device will need to be swapped over to the new app.

During the migration period, everyone currently on the REFSS system will need to download the new app for each device and connect the new app to the system using a device name and Org Key - that's it!

Upgrading is simple - The IGL/REFSS support team will send an email for each device you have listed in your REFSS system.  This email will contain the Device Name and Organisation Key needed to connect the new app.  After receiving the email, simply visit the Play store (Android) or App store (iOs), search for "Eziops" and download the new app. Enter the Device name and Org key into the app EXACTLY as they appear in the email (each device will have a unique device name and Org key) and connect the device.  If successful, all your elog sheets will be downloaded to the new app and you can start using it to record your submissions.


Migration period - Business as usual, apart from Publishing elogs

During the Migration period, we need to modify some parts of each stores' key data.  As such, we will need to disable the publishing of any new information/changes to the existing elog sheets that you currently have.

Each store will get an email the day before the "migration" period starts - we encourage all stores to make any staff, equipment, supplier or cooked product list changes during that time, and publish all elog sheets before the migration period begins.


Detailed Migration Steps

  1. IGL REFSS support will schedule your store for migration during a 2 week period.  If you would like to be fast-tracked (i.e. if you need to publish elogs urgently), please inform us of your request by submitting a support ticket - we will add you to the front of the list for the next days' migration.
  2. When it is time for you to be migrated, you will receive an individual email for each device you have in the "Devices" section of REFSS.  Each email will detail the Device name and Org Key required to connect the new app.

    Note: If you have many devices in REFSS, it may mean you will receive many emails.  If you do not receive an email, please make sure you check your spam/junk folder.
  3. After receiving the email(s), you can download the app from the Play store or App store by first searching for "Eziops", looking for the app icon as shown, and downloading the app to your device.

    IMPORTANT: The app store requires a valid Google account to be activated on the tablet.  If you are receiving an error with the existing Google account on the tablet, or there is none currently present, you will need to add your own Gmail account - click HERE for details.
  4. After completing the installation, open the app - enter the Device name (a) and Organisation key (b) EXACTLY as they appear in the email.

  5. Click "Connect device" (c)
  6. If you entered the information correctly, your elogs will appear in the new app and you can start using the elogs immediately

Delete/uninstall the old app

You won't need the old app anymore - we recommend you delete the app from your device:

  • Access the list of apps on your device - this may look like a white circle with 6 orange dots (Lenovo) or a grid of white dots (Samsung)
  • Search for IGL Mobile Device Data app (you may have to swipe left/right to scroll through the pages of apps) - it looks like a small blue cloud
  • Tap and hold the blue cloud app - this should reveal an option to UNINSTALL at the top of the screen
  • While holding down the icon, drag it to the uninstall text at the top of the screen and release


  • Search for IGL Mobile Device Data app (you may have to swipe left/right to scroll through the pages of apps) - it looks like a small blue cloud
  • Tap and hold the blue cloud app for a few seconds - this will make all the apps "shake" on screen, and show an "X" button
  • press the "X" button to delete the old blue cloud app


The differences you may notice

  1. It looks different:
    The look and feel of the new app is similar but slightly different.  You may notice even more changes in the coming months as we look to improve the User Interface even further.
  2. Extra elogs selected and available on the device:
    Each device, when originally added to the REFSS system, was assigned to one or more Departments.  The migration process will take a look at each device in the REFSS system, and using the assigned departments as a guide, prepare the elogs for download to the device.  This may mean you will see more elogs on the device than you previously had.

    To fix/update your elog list:
    • Log in to your REFSS dashboard
    • Navigate to the "Devices" page
    • Find the device you need to update, click on the Actions button > Edit
    • Tick/untick the elog sheets you need/don't need, click save

    • On the device itself, you can either restart the app, or click the "Settings" tab at the bottom, then click "Sync now"
    • Click the "Forms" tab and all elogs should be adjusted.


If you have any questions about the upgrade or experience any problems, please raise a support ticket and our team will get back to you as quickly as possible.


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