Eziops - How do I use it?

The New Eziops app has the same functions as the previous app, but with a different look and feel.

The basic app layout

The FORMS tab:

a. The app logo

b. Your device name

c. The search function - use this to quickly search/filter the elog you need by typing the first few characters

d. List of elog sheets

e. The Forms tab - shows the list of elog sheets

f. The Submissions tab - keeps a track of the recent submissions over the past 7 days

g. The Settings tab - basic app settings, where you can sync the app with the latest list of elog sheets


a. Search - you can search your submission history by typing the name of the elog in the search bar

b. List of submissions - the name of the submitted elog sheet

c. Submitted time - the time that the submit button is pressed is recorded

d. Submission Status - 

  • Submitted - submissions appear GREEN if successfully submitted to the REFSS Dashboard
  • Queued - submissions appear ORANGE and will be in a "Pending" state if there is a problem with the internet at the time of submission.  
    These pending submissions need to be manually resent once the internet connection has been re-established - click the "Retry Submission" button to resubmit any pending submissions.
  • Failed - submissions will appear RED if there was repeated attempts to resubmit unsuccessfully. 



a. Set the Sync frequency - you can set the frequency at which the app will try to sync (resubmit pending submissions, refresh elog list etc) 

b. Sync Now - you can force a synchronisation with the forms server by pressing this


If you have any questions about the upgrade or experience any problems, please raise a support ticket and our team will get back to you as quickly as possible.


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