"Account action required" - The Gmail account needs updating on my tablet

If you see a notification warning you that your "Account action required" or similar, it may be due to the original gmail account used to set up the tablet no longer working.

Ideally it is best to use your own gmail account (store's gmail account if one exists), otherwise you can create one for this purpose by visiting 

Once you have a gmail account to use, there are a few steps needed to change the account in the tablet's settings:

Remove the old account:

  1. Click the Settings icon to access the tablet’s settings
  2. Find Accounts and tap it
  3. If an account already exists, it will show "Google", and "Add account" - Tap on the Google option
  4. Tap on the existing gmail account (e.g.

  5. In the top right corner there should be 3 vertical dots – tap them to open the menu, then select “remove account”

    Add the new Gmail account:

  6. You should be taken back to the account settings page – tap Add account
  7. Tap google to select a google account to add
  8. Where it says Email or phone, enter the email address of the gmail account (an existing one, or the one you created above) 
  9. Enter the password for the gmail account

  10. Once the account has been added, you should be ready to go.  Just in case, if you have the Play Store app already running, restart it so it recognises the new account - otherwise you may get an error saying "The app is not installed" or when you try downloading an app, the download will sit in a perpetual "Pending" state.

  11. If the Play store still doesn't respond - try restarting the tablet and opening the play store again.
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