Detailed Reporting Dashboard

The Detailed reporting feature has now been upgraded - now you can select an eLog sheet from your list and view submissions for a given time/date window.  You can:

 View recent submission history from:

  • the last 7 days
  • the last 30 days
  • the last 90 days

Or you can view submission history from further back (for up to 90 day blocks at a time).


 NOTE:  Please use the Google Chrome browser when viewing the new Detailed reporting, otherwise you may see a "No Data Available In Table" message.  Click HERE for more info.

  1. After logging in to the REFSS Setup Wizard, click on the red My Sites button at the top of the screen and select your site, and then click on Detailed Reporting in the left menu

  2. Select the eLog sheet you'd like to see submission history for

  3. Select either:
    • last 7 days - view submissions from 7 days ago up until the current time
    • last 30 days - view submissions from 30 days ago up until the current time
    • or 90 days - view submissions from 90 days ago up until the current time 


    • Specify the date range - choose a start and end date 

      NOTE: Maximum of 90 days of data can be displayed/exported at any one time

  4. Click the "View on Screen" button - all submissions for the date range specified will be shown on screen.  

    By default, 10 records are shown per page, but you can change this to 20 or 50 by selecting your choice from the drop down above the table

  5. You can also export the results to an excel file - once the records are displayed on the screen, click the "Export to Excel" button

    The file will be saved to your default download folder.


Note: If you are receiving a "no data available in table" message, try clearing your browser's cache


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