Save your Food Safety Plan to your Computer's Desktop

After receiving your REFSS Food Safety Plan via email, you can save a copy of it to your computer's desktop for easy access:

  1. Find the email you received from REFSS/IGL support with the Food Safety Plan (pdf) attachment

    Outlook or Hotmail/Gmail:
    Whether you are using Outlook or Hotmail (gmail is similar) account, you should be able to right-click on the attachment (or select the dropdown options for the attachment), and download/save the file to your desktop.


  2. Outlook:
    Right-click the attachment and select "Save as"
      -  You will be prompted to select the location to save the file - select "Desktop" from the left side (a), rename the file if you like (b) and press Save (c).  

    The Food Safety Plan PDF file should now appear on your computer's desktop.

    Right-click the attachment and select "Download"
      -  Depending on your settings, the file will be auto-saved to your download folder, or it may prompt you like Outlook above.

    If it saves to your download folder, it may show at the bottom of your internet browser window as a PDF file.

    An easy way to get the file on your desktop is to move it from the downloads folder to the desktop folder.

  3. On your keyboard, hold down the "Windows" key and press the letter "E".  This will open an Explorer window.

  4. Click on "Downloads" in the left side of the Windows File explorer

  5. Find the Food Safety Plan PDF file (Click the column header "Date Modified" to sort by newest file to the top if needed)

  6. Click and HOLD the mouse button on the file, and drag the file into the "Desktop" folder on the left (should be above the Downloads folder)

  7. Release the mouse button to drop the file into the Desktop folder. 

Check your computer's desktop - the PDF file should be available.   

To open it, just double click the file.


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