Limit/Block other App use on Android Devices

Tablets/devices that are used for Data Capture are generally used for submitting elog sheets, but the device is not locked to the Mobile Device Data app alone - other apps for games/music etc. are available to use by default or can be downloaded and installed as desired.

In order to prevent or limit the access to certain apps, you may want to install an App blocking application.

Our recommendation is to download and install Norton App Lock from the Play Store.  It is free to download and use.



NOTE:  A Google account (gmail address) is required to log in to the Play store.  If you don't have one, visit to set one up.

To download Norton App Lock:

  1. Open the Play Store on your Android device

  2. Search for "Norton App Lock" in Play Store

  3. Find "Norton App Lock" in the list and tap it - Click the INSTALL button

  4. Click ACCEPT when prompted to give access to the Norton App
  5. Once installed, click the OPEN button

  6. Untick the "Join the Norton Community" option, then Click "Agree and Launch"

  7. You need to allow Norton to access the device, so tap on "Set up" to access the Accessibility settings of your device

  8. Find "Norton App Lock Service", tap it

  9. Switch the accessibility to ON - an information window may pop up, detailing what you are giving access to.  Click OK

  10. At the top of the window, click the BACK arrow

  11. Now you can either enter a pattern, or a passcode.  With this code you can access any of the apps on the device that are locked.  Without the passcode the apps will be locked from the user.

  12. Choose a pattern, or just above on the right, switch to passcode and enter a 4 digit number

  13. Enter it again when prompted to confirm

  14. You can choose to enter an email address in case you need to retrieve the passcode, press Continue when done.  

    NOTE: If the passcode/pattern is forgotten and email address is NOT supplied, you will not be able to access any of the other apps.  In this case, you might need to factory reset the tablet

  15. A list of all the apps on the device will then be shown to you - select only the apps you wish to LOCK (i.e. limit access to)

  16. Once you have selected all the apps you wish to limit access to, just press the Home button (middle button at the bottom of the device, to get back to the home screen


NOTE:  Any of the apps that were selected to be locked can still be accessed - just open the app and enter the passcode when prompted.

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