Latest REFSS System Enhancements

App Release  (Android 1.5, iOs 1.4)

Updated User Interface

Major update - Slick new UI, more user-friendly

Check the recent Submission History 

No more wondering if someone else has submitted an eLog sheet: 

Filter eLogs with the new Search function

Too many eLogs?  Use the new search feature:

Various Bug Fixes


Release v 3.5.3

Monthly Scheduler 

Monthly Intervals can now be set in Scheduler: 

Scheduler - Quick Options

Set half/all day, all week, all month intervals with the click of a button using Quick Options:

Various Bug Fixes



Release v 3.5.2

Updated UI

  • "Lists" menu has now been made more user-friendly: 
  • Hover buttons have been removed from Site Configuration table

    Note: Press CTRL+F5 on your keyboard to refresh the page if you see irregular hover buttons on the Site Configuration page

Updated default-selected eLogs

Food Safety Cleaning eLogs now unticked by default

Bug Fixes

  • Corrective Action Close out Concurrency issue
  • Issue with some department-assigned equipment items


Release v 3.5.1

Updates to e-Log Scheduler

Full support for Admin and Store manager level users.

New WHS eLog sheets

  • Pallet Jack Daily Pre Start Safety Checklist
  • Walkie Stacker Daily Pre Start Safety Checklist

Backend updates and other Bug fixes


Release v 3.4.1

Notification Scheduler (Emailed Reporting)

Following on from the e-Log Scheduler is the Notification Scheduler - the ability to generate an email notification for all your e-log sheet activity.

More at:


Release v 3.4.0

e-Log Scheduler - Daily/Weekly Interval setting and new Reporting (Level 1 and 2)

For e-Log sheets that are required to adhere to a submission schedule (Daily or Weekly), REFSS has a brand new Scheduler to track Daily and Weekly Scheduled e-Log sheets.

More on:


Release v 3.1.2

Account Management – Creating sub-accounts

It is now possible for a “Master-Admin-level” user (a user that originally registers an account and creates sites) to create sub-accounts for other users.  This is very useful when you have multiple stores/sites, and want to limit access to the available sites.

More at:


Setup Progress Status

To help you through the various setup stages, you can check your progress whether a setup stage has been done or not.

More at:


Bulk Import for Staff and Supplier lists

To help fast-track the entering of possibly hundreds of staff or suppliers, the REFSS system now allows the upload of these lists from an excel template file. 

More at:


Ordering of List items

You can now control the order that your Scales, fridges, freezers and Hot food products appear in your e-log sheets.  Available for Cooked Products, Supplier and Equipment lists.

More at:


New e-Log sheets for Food Safety – Cleaning, Workplace Health and Safety and Operations

New e-Log sheets are available for:

Food Safety

  • Department Cleaning Records (currently with default questions; user-defined questions coming soon)

Workplace Health and Safety

  • Department Weekly/Quarterly Inspection logs
  • Manager Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly Inspection logs


  • Trolley Collection log

More at:


Notifications Emails – Reporting Dashboard

You can now have a snapshot of your Reporting Dashboard emailed to you on a Daily/Weekly/Monthly basis

More at:

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