Adding a Sub-Account / Assigning Sites

Pre-requisite:  Only a master account can create sub-accounts – i.e. an account that has been created through

Log in to a Master User account and create a sub-account

If you have created an account and at least one Site, you will be able to create sub-accounts and assign access to one or more of your sites. 

  1. Log in to (if required)
  2. You should be at the "Site Configuration" area.  If not, at the top of the left menu click “Back to Dashboard”

  3. Click on Account Management (1) in the left menu to expand it, then click “Account Configuration” (2)

  4. Click the “Add” button in the top-right corner

  5. Enter the details of the new user, including their unique email (which will be used as their username). Also, select their role – this will control the level of access they have to each site assigned to them (User based access feature is coming soon.  Current version allows similar access for all roles)
  6. Click “add” to save the user’s details and create an account
  • A “Success” message should appear, and an email is also sent to the new user’s email address to verify the account.

Note:  The new sub-account user must check the verification email and verify their account within 24 hours in order to log in successfully.


Assign sites to an account

  1. Following on from step 6, the new account should be listed in the Account list – click on the “Actions” button and select “Assign site to user”

    Note: Only the sites created by the master account are available to be assigned to a sub-account.

  2. Select (tick) one or more sites to assign to the new user and click Save.
  3. Check the new user’s email inbox and verify the account by clicking the link in the email (sent in step 6 above). This will verify the account and open a new browser window at the login page.

  4. The new user will then be able to log in to their own account using the credentials created in step 5


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