Notifications Emails – Reporting Dashboard (Dashboard Reporting Version)

NOTE:  This feature has been replaced with a newer version - click HERE to read how to set up the new Notification Email system.  The below functionality is still available in the Reporting dashboard for those that prefer to keep using it.


You can now have a snapshot of your Reporting Dashboard emailed to you on a Daily/Weekly/Monthly basis

  1. Log in to your Setup Wizard and at the bottom of the left menu, click “Dashboard Reporting”
  2. Near the top right corner, click the Settings button, then click “Contact List”
  3. Click “Add new contact” (1) and enter an email address (2)– this will be the recipient of the email notification. Enable it (3) and Save the contact (4).

  4. Click Settings again, but this time click “Notification”
  5. Set up the frequency of the notifications:
    1. Tick the “enabled” box to enable the notification
    2. select the start date
    3. Select the frequency
    4. For Weekly/monthly, specify when you would like the notification email to be sent

  6. Click Save.
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