Adding/Updating Newly Released e-Log Sheets

From time to time, new e-Log sheets will be created/updated and released for you to add to your site.  You need to select the ones you want and publish them.

Follow the instructions below or watch this video to know how to add a new elog sheet to your tablet.

1. Log in to your Setup Wizard and on the left menu click on 'Elog Sheet Selection' under 'Site Configuration'.


    Note - If you have access to more than one store, click on the store name when you login and then find this menu on the left.



2. Select the e-Log sheets you wish to include in your list. 

Note: Remember to save your selection by clicking the "Save and Proceed" button at the bottom of the page.

3. Publish the logsheets by clicking on the 'Publish e-Log Sheets' button on the left menu.


4.Select the newly added log sheets and click “Publish” at the bottom.

5. Click 'Devices' on the left menu and find the device you want to apply the eLog(s) to.

6. To the far-right on the Devices page, click the 'Actions' button, then click 'Edit' and tick the newly added e-Logs you want on the device.

7. Grab your tablet and open 'Eziops' App. Click the 'Settings' tab at the bottom right corner. Click 'Sync Now' button to refresh the App.

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