Can't type a minus sign or decimal point

On some Android devices (namely Samsung tablets), a problem has been identified with forms that contain decimal fields – it can be impossible to enter a minus sign because it shares the same key on the keypad as the decimal point.  This is due to a limitation on the default installed keyboard on the device (similar to the following image):


To fix this, you can install a different keyboard application on your device and the IGL forms app can use this instead.

  1. Make sure your device is turned on and connected to the internet

  2. Search for, and open the “Play Store”

  3. In the search bar at the top, type “Google Keyboard” – a selection of matches should drop down – tap on Google Keyboard

  4. Click Install

  5. Accept the permissions it asks for

  6. Once installed, click Open

  7. Click Get Started

  8. Click Enable in Settings

  9. This should open the phone settings to System > Language and Input

  10. Put a tick in the Google Keyboard option – this may pop up a warning, click OK

  11. Click Switch input methods

  12. Set the input method to also be the Google Keyboard

  13. Click finish to finalise the keyboard settings changes

  14. Start the IGL forms app and try the form that was causing problems before – the keypad should now be different, and allow the input of minus signs and decimal points into decimal fields.


Note:  Even after updating the keyboard, there is yet another bug:

Typing a minus sign followed by a zero (0) will remove the minus sign and make the cursor jump to the beginning.  

You will need to re-type the minus sign

Then manually place the cursor at the end to type the rest of your decimal number


This is a known bug - We are working on a fix for this issue.


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