Add a shortcut to Summary Dashboard on your Android Device

Note:  Summary Dashboards are site-specific - i.e. these instructions will add a shortcut to one site's summary dashboard.  If you have more than one site, you can easily navigate to another site, or repeat these instructions for the other site(s).


  1. Open a web browser (Google chrome for e.g.)

  2. Enter the following into the address box: and log in using your REFSS setup credentials (use your email as your username)

  3. Find the red "house" drop down (at the top of the page, and select your site

  4. Expand the menu - click the horizontal lines in the top right of the page (a), and under "Reporting" click "Summary Reporting" (b)

    This is your Summary report page for the selected site.  

    We can now add a shortcut directly to this page:

  5. To the right of the web address, there are 3 dots – click these to access the menu, scroll down and select “Add to home screen”


  • A confirmation window will appear - confirm the addition of the shortcut

  • A shortcut will be added to your home screen


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