An introduction to Tasks and Reminders

Your Dashboard Home Page gives you a quick snapshot of your current tasks and performance across one or many sites.

The status of tasks is driven by the information entered within your Data Capture Scheduler.

All data is updated in real time, and further information can be accessed by clicking on Tasks Status in your left navigation menu.

A list of all active tasks will now appear. The default view shows the most urgent (ie. the most overdue) tasks first.

The status of your tasks are colour coded as follows -  

  • Green - indicates tasks that are active
  • Yellow - indicates tasks that are approaching deadline
  • Red - indicates tasks that are overdue.

Tasks can also be filtered by entering data into the empty fields immediately underneath the column headings and then pressing "enter" on your keyboard. In the below example, we have refined the list to show only Monthly log sheets.


Updating Task Status

To update the status of a task, click on "Change Status" next to the relevant task and select the updated status from the drop down list that appears.

Your view will be updated based on the status update. Completed tasks will be moved to Tasks - History.


Export Task List

Your task list can be exported to a spreadsheet simply by clicking on the "Excel" icon in the top right corner. 

After a couple of moments, your download will begin. Depending on your browser and settings, your spreadsheet will either open automatically, appear in your "Downloads" file folder, or appear in a status bar at the bottom of your browser. 

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