Accessing Log Sheet form submission data

After submitting eLog sheet information you have entered into a tablet/device, your data will be sent to the REFSS Reporting Dashboard.


How to check the REFSS Reporting Dashboard

  1. Open an Internet browser (Google Chrome recommended)
  2. Enter the web address: 
  3. Log in using your REFSS username and Password.  If you have forgotten this, click here 
  4. Once logged in, find the left-menu item "Reporting" and click the menu item "Detailed Reporting"

  5. The Reporting Dashboard will open - you may need to select your site (if you have multiple sites in your account) from the drop down box at the top of the screen

  6. To view the submission history of an eLog sheet, select an eLog you would like to check from the left menu and click it

  7. The raw submission data will be displayed, and your latest submission should be shown at the top

Note: There may be a delay from pressing the submit button to the data arriving and visible in Dashboard Reporting, typically this is around 5-10 sec, depending on internet connection speed/strength.  If the submission is not visible in the Dashboard Report raw data, you may have a weak internet connection.  In this case the submission will remain on the tablet until the internet is strong enough to send.

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