Setting up notifications for log sheet deadlines (Dashboard Reporting Version)

NOTE: This functionality has now been replaced with the new Notification Scheduler.

To set up notifications for approaching or past due log sheet deadlines, you will first need to set up your Data Capture Scheduler.

When you enable notifications in your dashboard, people within your Contact List will be emailed about upcoming and past log sheet deadlines. 

After setting up your Scheduler (log sheet time intervals) click on "Settings" in the top menu bar on the far right and then select "Notification".

A pop up window will now appear with three key settings for you to select:

  • Enabled - to activate your notifications, there needs to be a tick in this box. Click on the box to enable notifications, and untick to disable notifications.
  • Start Date - select the first date you want notifications to start
  • Frequency - select how often you want to receive notifications: daily, weekly or monthly.

Click on "SAVE"

IMPORTANT! Notifications will only be sent to people set up in your Contact List



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