Data Capture Scheduler - Setting Due Times for Log Sheets (Dashboard Reporting Version)

NOTE:  This feature has been replaced with a newer version - click HERE to read how to set up the new Data Capture Scheduler system.  The below functionality is still available in the Reporting dashboard for those that prefer to keep using it.


To set up a time interval in the Data Capture Scheduler, click on Settings in the top menu on the right hand side and select "Data Capture Scheduler".

A pop up window will appear with a series of fields and options.

Form: Using the drop down list, select the log sheet you wish to apply the time interval to (time intervals need to be applied and saved to each Data Capture form separately)

Active: tick the box to activate the scheduled times - untick if you want to remove the scheduled reporting.

Daily: This will automatically be selected. Reporting for weekly, monthly and other time frames is currently in development

Start: Choose a start date for when you would like the reporting to begin from either by typing in the date or using the calendar date picker.

Start & End Time: Enter a start and end time for each interval by clicking on the clock icon and selecting a time, then click the "Add" button.

All intervals added appear in the Submission time interval box

NOTE: Time interval duration must be at least 15 minutes long. Time between intervals must be at least 30 minutes - intervals cannot overlap. Intervals must start at the earliest of 00:00 and end at the latest of 11:45.

When you have entered all details, click "SAVE". A success message will appear if all fields have been completed correctly - click "OK" and then close the scheduler window by clicking the "X" in the top-right corner.



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