Installing The REFSS App On Your Android Device (phone or tablet)

Turn on device for the first time

There are a few things I need you to do to set up the device first.

1. You need to enter a Google account to the device to start. If you don’t have one you can create a Google account on a computer first by clicking here

2. Turn the device on
3. Set date and time, making sure you select the correct location/time zone
4. Agree to the terms and conditions
5. Set up your wireless internet connection if it asks

      a. Select “scan”
      b. Select your wireless point of access
      c. Enter the correct password
      d. Connect

6. For the Google account, click “existing” and enter the Gmail login details from step 1 above
7. Finish 

Note: Depending on the device/tablet you are using, there may be extra steps included –relating to buying anything, adding payment info, device registration etc – these are not essential to setting up your device for Data Capture. So it is optional if you want to fill these steps in or Skip them.

IGL App installation - Android
1. Look for the Google Play Store App on your device and open it

2. Search for “icon global link forms”

- it should find the “IGL Mobile Form Data” app as the first app in the list


3. Click on the “IGL Mobile Form Data” app and then press INSTALL

4. When asked about access permissions, click ACCEPT
- The app will download and then install itself


5. Once installed, the INSTALL button is replaced by OPEN and UNINSTALL buttons in the Google Play Store – click the OPEN button to run the app


6. Click “Join your Organization”


7. In the “Your Name” field, enter the device name as it appears in the email from IGL you received when adding the device
IMPORTANT: The device name must be typed in EXACTLY the same as is shown in the “Device Setup” email you received. If entered incorrectly, the device cannot be approved and will remain in a pending state until the correct device name is entered

8. In the “Organization Key” field, enter the Organization Code – also needs to be exactly as it appears in the Device setup email

9. Press “Request Assignment”

10. An IGL Administrator will then need to approve your device – allow a few hours for this

11. You can try clicking the UPDATE button to force the download of forms to your device – once the device has been approved you will see the forms start to download to your device.



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