Setting up a site's cooked products

To set up your site's cooked products first login to the Wizard and select the relevant site from the the "My Sites"  drop down list at the top of the screen.


Add Cooked Products/Hot Food Storage Units

Select "Cooked Products and Hot Food Storage Units" from the left navigation menu, and then click "+Add" in the top right.

You will now be shown a short form for completion:

  • Product Name - a unique and internally identifiable name should be used
  • Product Category - use the drop down box to select either Hot Food Storage Units (e.g. Bain Marie), Roast Chicken or Roast Meats and other cooked products (excluding chicken)

After completing the fields for each product, click on "Save" and a new blank form will appear ready for you to enter the next product.

If you have completed adding all products, click on "Save and Exit". 

On each successful product addition, you will see a confirmation screen:

Click "OK" to proceed - you will be shown a list of all products that you have added to your site.


Edit/Delete a Cooked Product

Each item can be edited or deleted - click on the "Actions" button of the required item and select Edit or Delete.


Reorder a Cooked Product

After entering several items in the Cooked Products list, you can also reorder them to how you would like them to appear in the e-log sheets - click on the "Order" button in the top right corner

Click and drag the arrowed cross up or down to the desired order - you will see the other items shift around to reorder.  Release the item to save it's ordering.

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