Setting up staff members for a site

To add staff to your site you will need to login to the Setup Wizard

Select the site you would like to add staff to from the drop down list at the top of the screen 

and click on click on "Staff" (1) in the left hand navigation. A screen will now appear displaying staff members that were previously entered into the list.

You can either add extra staff members by clicking on "+Add" in the top right (2), or editing/deleting existing staff members by clicking the Actions button and selecting Edit or Delete (3).

Add Staff member - complete the listed fields:

  • Active on register: yes/no - (Yes selected by default)
  • Employee code - optional
  • First name - REQUIRED
  • Surname - REQUIRED
  • Email address - optional
  • Phone number - optional

After completing the fields for each staff member:

  • Click SAVE:  the current staff details will be saved and the text fields will be cleared ready for you to enter the next staff member.
  • Click SAVE AND EXIT:  the current staff details will be saved and you will exit to the list of staff members.

On each successful staff member addition, you will see a confirmation screen:



IMPORTANT:  If you have updated the existing staff list (added to, edited, or removed), you will need to publish these changes to they appear in your eLog sheets.  

  1. Click the "Publish eLog Sheets" link at the bottom of the left menu
  2. Tick SELECT ALL
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click PUBLISH


Another option is to BULK UPLOAD a list of staff - click here to see how

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