Installing the REFFS app on your Apple device (iOs)


It's now time to install and configure the application on your device. To do this, please refer to the attached instructions for each Android and Apple (iOs).

Turn on device for the first time
Note: If you are setting up the iPad/iPhone for the first time, you will need to create an iTunes account first. If you are unsure how, click here.

Also, please make sure your device is set to the correct location / time zone:
Set the correct local time
1. Find the “Settings” icon and press it

2. Select “General” from the left hand side, then find “Date & Time” and click it

3. The time may be set to “Set automatically – if so, great. Just make sure the time zone is set correctly for your current location.

4. If the time zone is not set correctly, turn off the setting “Set automatically”, then manually set the time and time zone:
a. After turning off the “Set automatically” setting, click on the time zone
b. Delete the currently entered city and type the name of your city (it should search and find your city if typed correctly)
c. Select your city from the list

IGL App installation

1. Open the App store and search for “mobile form data”
- it should find the IGL “Mobile Form Data” app

2. Press the “Get” button

3. Enter your Apple ID when prompted

4. Once the App has installed, open it

5. Click “Add device”

6. In the “Your Name” field, enter the device name as it appears in the email from IGL you received when adding the device

IMPORTANT: The device name must be typed in EXACTLY the same as is shown in the “Device Setup” email you received. If entered incorrectly, the device cannot be approved and will remain in a pending state until the correct device name is entered.

7. Enter the Organization Code – this will also be provided by IGL in the Device Setup email

8. Press “Add device”

9. An IGL Administrator will then need to approve your device – allow a few hours for this.

10. Once the device has been approved and your device is successfully connected to the internet, it will start downloading forms to your device.

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