How to finalise (publish) your site

After successfully configuring and setting up your site and setting up relevant devices, it's time to publish. 

Publishing takes all the information you have entered throughout the wizard and transforms it into e-log sheets and checklists for each staff member, across all departments and equipment in your store. Further, it will create a Dashboard including snapshot reporting on the performance of your site/s and access to all information captured through devices.

HELPFUL HINT! Prior to publishing your site, we strongly encourage you to check and confirm all details on all sites that have been added and are accurate.

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Note: To be able to Publish your e-log sheets, you need to have completed all previous stages of setup - Configuration, Lists, Added a device.  These will display as "green" in your Site Configuration page.


Publishing Your Site

To publish your site, login to the Wizard. If you are already logged in, click either "Back to Dashboard", or "Site Configuration" from the left menu (depending which screen you are currently at).


For the relevant site, click on the "Actions" button to the far right, then select "Publish e-Log Sheets" 


If you have completed all the previous required steps, a window will pop up, showing all the e-logs about to be created - click the box next to "Select All", scroll to the bottom and click the PUBLISH button.

As mentioned above, publishing a site results in the creation of all necessary tools and reporting for your store. This does take some time, so make sure you have everything 100% before hitting "publish". If you aren't sure, click "Close".


The REFSS system will then begin building your e-Log sheets, and show a progress bar.


HELPFUL HINT!  Once the e-logs have finished publishing, on rare occasions you might see one or 2 that "failed" to publish - just click the "Retry failed templates" button to retry.

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