How to activate a device

After successfully configuring & setting up your site, you now need to set up devices that will be used for completing checklists (ie. capturing data). 

These devices can be any Apple or Android devices.

To do this, login to the Wizard (if necessary) and make sure you are at the "Site Configuration" page.

Click on the Actions button next to the relevant site and select "Devices".

You will now be shown a list of devices currently set up for this site (if any). To add a new device click on "+Add" in the top right.

To setup the device, first enter a unique device name that is easily identifiable to you and your staff and then select the individual elogs you'd like to be available on the device.

You can click on "Select All" to select/deselect all departments and elogs or you can also click on each department individually to that group of elogs to the device.

After completing the fields for the device, click on "Save" - the Device will be saved and you will be sent a device setup email.  



It's important to remember that each device requires a Data Capture License. Additional licenses can be purchased - to find out how click here


Once the device has been added, you will be shown a list of all devices that you have added to your site and the departments they have access to.

For each device that has been added, an email will be sent to the Site Contact's email address. This email contains vital information to use when setting up the device.


Installing the Application on your Device

It's now time to install and configure the application on your device.  To do this, please have a read of the following guide, or refer to the PDF guides below for instructions.


Note:  It is required to have published your e-Log sheets at least once by this stage.  If you skipped the above step where you published the e-Log sheets, you can click here to read how this is done.

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