How to add a device and connect it to Eziops App

After successfully configuring & setting up your site, you now need to set up devices that will be used for submitting e-Logs.

These devices can be any Apple or Android devices.

To do this, login to your REFSS Account using Google Chrome.

1. Click on red 'My Sites' button on the top left hand side and select the store name from the drop down menu.

Now on the left menu, click on Mobile Devices.


You will now be shown a list of devices currently set up for this site (if any). To add a new device click on "+Add" in the top right.

To setup the device, first enter a unique device name that is easily identifiable to you and your staff and then select the individual elogs you'd like to be available on the device.

After completing the fields for the device, click on "Save" - the Device will be saved and Org Key will be displayed on the screen. 

mceclip0.pngEnter this Device Name and Organisation key on Eziops App on the tablet and click on blue 'Connect Device' button.

Install APP on the device

If you don't yet have the Eziops App installed on your Android or Apple tablet, visit the Play store (on Android devices) or the App store (on Apple/iOs devices) and download Eziops 


Using the Device details seen on the "Mobile Devices" page in the REFSS dashboard, insert the Device Name and Org Key when prompted in the Eziops app and click on Connect Device.  Once connected, you will see log sheets on your device and can start submitting data to the dashboard.

OR Watch this video on How to Add a Device on Refss Dashboard? 


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