Configuring a site - store type, size and bundle

After adding a new site it is important to complete the configuration.

To do this,

  1. Login to the Setup Wizard if you haven't already done so

  2. Click on your Store name in the list, under "Group Total"

This part of the wizard features FIVE critical steps:



Select the departments that are relevant to this site - up to eight departments will be pre-selected. 

Add any extra departments you may have in your store by clicking the box next to the department required.  Once you have selected all relevant departments for this site, click on "Save Departments and Proceed".


Risk System / Device Licences / Purchase a device

On this screen you will be presented with the different bundles available for your site. Depending on the departments within your site, different options (and pricing) will be presented. 

All prices are per annum and are displayed excluding GST. 


Additional options:

  1. Data Capture License: Depending your site setup, either 1, 2 or 3 licences will be included. Data Capture Licenses are required for each smart device (eg. iPhone, Android Phone or Tablet) where log sheets will be completed. To add extra licenses to your account enter the number against the field "Additional Licenses Required".  Click here for more information on how to do this.

  2. Configured Android Tablet Option: If you would like to purchase a configured Android tablet (with hard case and protective glass screen), add a number into the box - We will supply a prepared android tablet with the REFSS application ready for log sheet completion. Please note that a Data Capture License is not included with this fee.

Once you have completed your selection and additional options, click on "Save Risk Systems and Proceed".


e-Log Sheets

Having selected on your Departments and Risk Systems/bundle in the previous configuration sections will provide you with a list of e-log sheets available for you to select.  

The recommended e-logs are ticked by default, however if you decide that certain e-logs are not needed you can simply untick any unwanted ones.

Once you have made your selections, click "Save e-logs and proceed".


Key Staff

This information is used to prepare your Food Safety Plan which will be emailed to you after your account has been successfully completed (and published).

Enter the names of all key staff within this site across all departments.  For any irrelevant departments, just enter "N/A"

Once completed, click on "Save Key Staff and Proceed".


NOTE: This list is different to the "Staff list" used throughout the elog sheets - To add team members to your account (eg. for completing log sheets, etc) click here



Now you have successfully entered all relevant configuration data you will be shown a summary confirming all details entered. It's important to review this carefully and ensure it is accurate. 

Once you are satisfied, click on "Continue" noting that by doing this you agree to have any newly added paid items charged to your Account Number. 

A confirmation email will be sent directly to your email with a summary of all details.


Congratulations - your site has now been configured to a basic level.  You can now continue on to Populating your Equipment, Suppliers, Products And Staff

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