Add a site to your account

This article help when creating your account for the first time or adding a new site to your existing account.

First, login to the Wizard Login if not already logged in

If no sites have been set up yet, you will be automatically prompted to add a new site.  Otherwise you may see "+ Add" in the top right corner of your screen - click it to add a new site.

A new page will appear titled "Add New Site". Complete this form, taking your time to ensure all fields are completed accurately. 

  • Industry: select appropriate industry for your store from the drop down list (in some instances this may be predefined)
  • Site Name: your store name, site code & name or another unique identifier that you use within your organisation.  Please take care when entering the Site name, as this cannot be changed later.
  • Industry Group: select the relevant group from the drop down list
  • Account Number: enter your account number - please ensure this is accurate otherwise it may impact your access to the site
  • Site Group: If you are creating your account for the first time, select whether you have one (single) or many (multi) sites. If you already have a site within your account, then multi-site will automatically be selected
  • Add new site to current group: any groups you have previously setup will be detailed here
  • Site Address: enter the physical address of the site/store.
  • Metcash DC: For IGA & Foodland stores this is the Metcash DC that supplies product to the site. All NSW DC sites will be enrolled in the Metcash Training Academy with their subscription. 
  • Current Subscriber: if you are a current subscriber to REFFS, you will be charged pro rata for the annual subscription. 
  • Site Contact Details: The key compliance point of contact at the physical site (ie. the Store Manager).
  • Company logo: upload your logo in PNG, GIF or JPG format, preferred file size is less than 2mb. Your logo will appear in the top left corner of your screen at all times (prior to uploading a logo, the IGL logo will be shown by default).


When you have confirmed all details are correct, click on "Save". Then move onto Configuring your site

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