My Exported Excel File containing Submission History is Blocked

If you have downloaded/exported your submission history to an excel file from the Detailed reporting dashboard, you may get a warning when trying to open it:


 Or the file may open totally blank also.

Your system's security settings are most likely recognising the file as originating from another computer and/or the internet, and therefore it flags it as unsafe.  

Unblock the individual file 

After exporting/downloading the excel file, it will be saved somewhere on your computer (most likely your "Downloads" folder, or maybe your desktop). 

  1. Find the file, right click it and select "Properties"

  2. In the "General" tab, towards the bottom there should be an "Unblock" button - click it.  Then click OK to dismiss the Properties window.

  3. Try opening the file again.  If the warning appears again, click yes and it should open normally.




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