Android - Submissions seem to be "stuck" on my Android tablet

If you notice that you have not received submissions to your dashboard, and/or your Scheduler reports show a lot of "Not submitted" records, check the app on your tablet(s) -

  1. Pending/Failed submissions:
    The Mobile Device Data app has been updated recently to show recent submissions - Check the bottom right corner - there should be a "Submissions" tab.  Here you can see the status of your most recent submissions, and can also see any Pending (Yellow) or failed (Red) submissions

    Submissions may be stuck pending, or fail to upload because:

    • Your Internet connection isn't strong enough when you made the submission, and the app has saved a copy on the device while it tries to resend.

      This is the most common reason. Please check that the internet is working - you can try opening a website on the device. If you open Google, try searching for something and clicking on a link to verify you are able to load the webpage successfully.

    • If the webpage is not able to connect, please check the internet/wifi settings on the tablet. Make sure it is connected to a known wifi point.

    • If it is connected but you still are not able to connect to a website, try connecting a smartphone to the same internet/wifi point. Then try to open a website on the smartphone. If you are unsuccessful with the smartphone, there may be a problem with your store's internet - please contact your internet provider for further troubleshooting.

    If you are able to restore the internet connection on the device, the "stuck" submission should eventually send the submission off the device automatically.  You can also try tapping on the stuck submission to force it to send.


    Note: Your Scheduler reports may be affected by these undelivered submissions until the internet is restored and the submissions finally leave the device.  The Scheduler reporting registers the time the "submit" button was pressed 

  2. Items in the Drafts Tab:

    If there are items in the "Drafts" tab, it means the submissions were saved as a draft instead of submitted.  To submit these saved items:
  • Tap on the Drafts tab
  • There will be one or more (saved) submissions - tap on one item to open it
  • Make sure all the fields are properly filled in
  • Scroll to the bottom, click SUBMIT (the blue TICK)
  • repeat for all the saved items


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