New Menu / Navigation Structure - Explained

As part of a recent update to the REFSS site, you may have noticed some changes to the User Interface. 

  • Log in to REFSS -

  • From the Site Configuration page, click the red dropdown "My Sites", and click on your Store name

    This will load the "Lists" section of the REFSS website.


The New Lists Menu

  1. <Your Site Name> - Clicking this takes you to the Lists homepage for the currently selected site

  2. Reporting - A new Menu with sub-menu items.  Click to contract/expand the menu.

    1. Summary Reporting (previously known as e-Log sheet Reporting):
      A summary of your eLog sheet activity - Non-compliant, On time, Late, Not submitted, Outside Schedule.  More info available HERE

    2. Detailed Reporting (previously known as Dashboard Reporting):
      Access to the raw (detailed) submission data for all eLog sheets.  More info available HERE

  3. Corrective Action - *Must have Corrective Action Module enabled - click HERE for more info

    1. CA Management (available for Admin/Store Manager only): 
      Access to manage all non-compliant eLog submissions.

    2. CA Operation (available for Admin/Store Manager only):
      A list of Corrective Action (non-compliant) tasks assigned to the current user

    3. Corrective Action (not shown above - Available for all other user types, not Admin or Store Manager)
      A list of Corrective Action (non-compliant) tasks assigned to the current user

  4. Scheduler Setup - (previously known as Data Capture) 

    1. e-Log Scheduler:
      Set up Scheduled time intervals for your eLog sheets - click HERE for more info

    2. Notification Scheduler:
      Set up an activity summary email to be sent to you at a scheduled time - click HERE for more info

  5. Lists  

    1. Staff
      Enter your Staff members - click HERE for more info

    2. Cooked Products
      Enter Cooked Product items - click HERE for more info

    3. Supplier
      Enter Suppliers - click HERE for more info

    4. Equipment
      Enter Equipment items - click HERE for more info

  6. Devices - Enter/edit details of devices connected to the REFSS system - click HERE for more info

  7. Publish eLog sheets - Update your eLog sheets with the latest list information by publishing them - click on the 'Publish eLog Sheet' button.

  8. Site Management - Click to return to the Site Management (Site Configuration) homepage
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