Hard Reset - Restore your Android Tablet to Factory Settings

If you are experiencing issues with your Android tablet/device, one solution may be to perform a Hard Reset - this will restore the device to it's factory settings.  These issues may include (but not be limited to):

  • Lost / Forgotten PIN code
  • Problems with device startup

WARNING: Performing a Hard Reset will WIPE ALL DATA from the device!  Make sure you back up any important data if you can.


Hard Reset for Lenovo Tab 3 (other Android devices may differ slightly)

  1. Ensure the device's battery is not totally exhausted - charge the device for at least 1 hour using the supplied Lenovo charger.
  2. Ensure the device is switched off.  Hold down the POWER button for a few (3 or 4) seconds.

  3. Once you have confirmed the device is off, press and hold the VOLUME UP and POWER buttons simultaneously for about 10 seconds, or until the "Lenovo" load screen appears.  Then release the buttons.

  4. The device should enter the "Recovery Mode" menu - use the Volume UP / DOWN buttons to navigate to the option "Wipe Data / Factory Reset", and use the POWER button to select the option

  5. Confirm the deletion of all data by navigating down to "Yes - delete all user data" with the UP/DOWN button and select the option by pressing the POWER button

  6. The device should then begin formatting itself.  Once completed, the device will reboot itself.


Re-install App and connect the device to the REFSS system

Now that the device has been refreshed, it will need to be re-connected to the REFSS system.

Click HERE to read how to do this.



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