How do I use the REFSS system - A "flow-of-Information" Guide

Now that you have

you are ready to start using the system to capture and submit data using your tablet.


From Tablet to Dashboard - an example submission

Entering information into your eLog sheets

  1. Turn on your tablet, unlock the screen and find the little blue cloud icon titled "Mobile Device Data".

    Tap to open it.

  2. Find the eLog sheet you would like to fill in (they are orderd alphabetically) and tap it to open - for this example we will use the Daily Scales Check eLog

  3. Each eLog will be different, but all are similar to each other - they all have
    • Store Name at the top
    • Your Name (select from a list of names) (1)
    • The content questions of the eLog sheet (2) - these can be your equipment (scales/fridges etc), or Yes/No questions (cleaning checks or store walks), depending on the eLog sheet requirements.
    • A Signature field at the bottom (3)

      Note: Generally, most fields that are present are required to be filled in.  If you skip a required field and try to submit, a warning will appear, preventing you from submitting.

  4. For our example:
    • Select your name (1) from the list
    • Perform your scale check for your Produce Scale by placing the test weight on it and recording the displayed weight
    • On the tablet, click "(Choose)" and select if the displayed weight was correct weight, above the test weight, or below the test weight

    • Perform scales checks for all scales in the store and record the weights in the eLog sheet

      NOTE:  If any scales weights are out of range (below or above the test weight) - a CORRECTIVE ACTIONS field will appear - this will allow you to record how you fixed, or plan to fix, the out-of-range equipment item

      Choose between 3 options: Corrective action can be taken NOW or LATER, or Both:
      --> NOW (A):  You were able to fix the issue that caused the out of range reading, so no further action is required - a separate text field will appear for you to fill in details of your Corrective Actions taken NOW
      --> LATER (B):  The equipment item cannot be fixed now.  Selecting LATER will create a task for management to follow up, so the item can be fixed at a later time - a separate text field will appear for you to fill in details of your Corrective Actions taken LATER.  Click HERE for more information on Corrective Action LATER / Corrective Action Close Out
      --> BOTH (C):  This option can be used if/when the equipment item was fixed, but a follow up from the manager is also needed - BOTH NOW and LATER Corrective actions text fields will appear for you to fill in details of your Corrective Actions taken

    • In this example, we select Corrective actions taken BOTH Now and Later

    • Fill in any corrective actions taken in the visible text boxes
    • Click the SIGN button - sign or initial the screen with your finger and click the SAVE button

    • There are 3 buttons at the bottom of the eLog sheet (see step 3 above)
      - Submit (4): This is the button you should generally ALWAYS press to submit the information you have captured.  The submission will be sent to the REFSS Dashboard (connection to Internet must be present)
      - Save (5):  This will save the data on the tablet only - no submission will be made to dashboard.  This can be a handy option when you are not able to fully complete the eLog sheet in one session and need to come back to it later.  
      - Discard (6):  This will cancel the submission, nothing will be sent to REFSS Dashboard, or saved to the tablet.

  5. After clicking the Submit button, the tablet will submit all the data you entered to the REFSS dashboard, and the tablet screen will return to the list of eLog sheets.

Check the REFSS Reporting Dashboard

  1. Open an Internet browser (Google Chrome recommended)
  2. Enter the web address: 
  3. Log in using your REFSS username and Password.  If you have forgotten this, click here 
  4. Once logged in, find the left-menu item "Dashboard Reporting" and click it

    Or it can also be accessed from the "lists" area, under the "reporting" menu, click "Detailed Reporting":

  5. The Reporting Dashboard will open - you may need to select your site (if you have multiple sites in your account) from the drop down box at the top of the screen

  6. To view the submission you just made from the Tablet (from the above steps), look in the left menu and find the eLog you submitted.  Click it

  7. The raw submission data will be displayed, and your latest submission should be shown at the top

Note: There may be a delay from pressing the submit button to the data arriving and visible in Dashboard Reporting, typically this is around 5-10 sec, depending on internet connection speed/strength.  If the submission is not visible in the Dashboard Report raw data, you may have a weak internet connection.  In this case the submission will remain on the tablet until the internet is strong enough to send.

To return to the "Setup Wizard, look to the top right corner - there should be 2 yellow buttons.  Click the "Wizard" button.


In summary, the flow of information is as follows:


  • Open the Mobile Device Data app
  • Select an eLog sheet
  • Fill in all the fields, submit the data


  • Log in to Setup Wizard, click on Dashboard Reporting
  • Click the eLog sheet name from the left menu
  • View your submission in the raw data table
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