What are the temperature requirements when receiving product?

Section 8, Page 29 of the Australian Cold Chain Guidelines states:

8.1 Receiving Deliveries

As transport vehicles are being prepared for unloading, storage areas and laneways leading to storage areas should be checked prior to opening doors so that goods never reach the MAXIMUM OUT OF REFRIGERATION TIME LIMITS.

All vehicles should be recorded onto Inwards Goods Summary check sheets which include checks for vehicle cleanliness, non-food physical contamination risk and temperature.

Records should be kept of the temperature of chilled and frozen foods when they are received.

Always move chilled and frozen foods into the retail display cabinet or buffer stock cold room immediately after unloading from the transport vehicle within the following MAXIMUM OUT OF REFRIGERATION TIME LIMITS:

  • maximum of 20 minutes if no refrigeration controls exist at receipt docks; or
  • maximum of 20 minutes for frozen ice-creams received for air-conditioned and chilled anterooms;
  • maximum of 60 minutes for frozen foods in +5°C to +15°C air conditioned anterooms; or
  • maximum of 90 minutes for frozen foods in 0°C to +5°C chilled anterooms.

For more information, download and read the Australian Cold Chain Guidelines PDF document:

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