Why can i see an e-Log Sheet with a "green arrow" in the corner? (iPad)


The "Green Arrow" in the corner of an e-log sheet indicates that a submission was made but has not yet left the tablet.  While in this state, you won't be able to open or edit the submission.

This can occur due to a few reasons:

  1. Your Internet connection isn't strong enough when you made the submission, and the app has saved a copy on the iPad while it tries to resend

    This is the most common reason.  Please check that the internet is working - you can try opening a website on the device.  If you open Google, try searching for something and clicking on a link to verify you are able to load the webpage successfully.  

    If the webpage is not able to connect, please check the internet/wifi settings on the tablet.  Make sure it is connected to a known wifi point.  

    If it is connected but you still are not able to connect to a website, try connecting a smartphone to the same internet/wifi point.  Then try to open a website on the smartphone.  If you are unsuccessful with the smartphone, please contact your internet provider for further troubleshooting.

    If you are able to restore the internet connection on the device, the "stuck" submission should eventually send the submission off the device automatically.

  2. The tablet/device has run out of storage with the last submission


  3. While the submitting (perhaps the internet was temporarily disconnected from the device), somehow the app data was cleared and sent that submission into a locked state

    The easiest thing to do is remove and reinstall the Mobile Device Forms app, but before you do this, it would be best to free up some storage on the device just in case.

    NOTE: Have your iTunes log in details handy

    Check your device’s storage

    1. Click on “Settings”, then on “General”, then on “Usage” or “Storage and iCloud usage” (whichever is available)
    2. Check if your available storage is low – if so, try clearing some less important data, like browsing history, or uninstalling unwanted apps.

    Clear an App’s Documents & Data

    Some apps have quite a bit of space used by their “Documents & Data.” In the example below, the Pocket app itself is using up 37.4 MB, while its documents and data are using up a comparatively large 191 MB.

    An app’s Documents & Data include any documents and other files the app has downloaded or created. 

    You can’t actually clear an app’s Documents & Data from this screen. Instead, you’ll need to either delete the app and reinstall it or clear the an app’s temporary data from within the app. For example, you can open the Settings screen, scroll down to find the app you'd like to delete data from and tap Clear Downloaded Files , if available. This will reduce the app’s Documents & Data usage. Not every app has this sort of option, so you may have to delete and reinstall an app if it’s using too much space for its temporary data.

    Delete Large Apps

    Free up space by removing apps. Games are particularly large, so your installed games will probably appear near the top of your Usage list. Tap an app in the list and tap Delete App to remove it from your device.

    You can always reinstall the app later. Just visit the app store, search for the app, and download it again. If the app uses iCloud syncing or its own user account system, your saved settings and data may be accessible even when you reinstall the app later.


    Erase Browsing Data

    The Usage screen displays different types of browsing data when you tap the Safari app. Tap Website Data to and tap Remove All Website Data to remove cache and cookies. Swipe to the left on Offline Reading List or History and tap Delete to delete these other types of data.

    If you use Google Chrome, you can clear Chrome’s cache by opening the Chrome app, accessing the Settings screen, tapping Privacy, and clearing your browsing data. Chrome’s browsing data appears as Chrome’s “Documents & Data” on the Settings screen. 

    If you can’t figure out how to clear an app’s documents and data, just uninstall the app and reinstall it. You may need to set up the app again afterward if it doesn’t sync its settings online.


    Delete “Mobile Device Forms” app and reinstall

    Now that you have cleared some space, the easiest way to refresh the app is to remove it and reinstall it.

    NOTE: Any "stuck" submissions will unfortunately be lost through this process.

    1. From Settings > General > Storage and iCloud Usage > Manage Storage, scroll down and find “Mobile Form Data”
    2. Click on it and click “Delete app”
    3. Visit the “App store” and search for “Mobile form data”
    4. Install the app
    5. Insert the device name and Organisation Key as described by IGL support (this was sent to you in an email when the device was first paired with the REFSS system) and Add device
    6. IGL support will need to re-approve your device and assign the correct forms to it – this might take some time, or fast track the process by contacting IGL/REFSS Support. Once done, the device should download all the correct forms and the green arrow will be gone.



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