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Once you have set up your e-Log Sheet Schedule, you can set up the REFSS system to email you a report (a snapshot of the activity statistics) on your new e-Log sheet activity on a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly basis.


NOTE: Notification emails can only be sent for e-log sheets that have Scheduler intervals already set.  Click HERE to find out how to set up your e-log sheet scheduler intervals 

 How to setup Notification Scheduler

  • Login to your REFSS Account using Google ChromeClick on red 'My Sites' button on the top left hand side and select the store name from the drop down menu.

  • In the left menu, click "Notification Scheduler" and click on the "+Add" button 

There are several variables that can be configured:

  • E-Log sheet (A):  You can specify individual e-log sheets that you would like to report on, or select all the elog sheets to get a general activity report on all log sheets.  Click the box and select the desired e-log sheets.

    If you don't select all the available e-log sheets, be aware that the statistics that will be emailed may differ from the General On time, late etc. numbers in the Scheduler reporting section of the REFSS dashboard.

  • Frequency of emailed report (B) - select one of the radio options:
    • Daily: Report is emailed every day at approx 4:30am AEDT 
    • Weekly: You can specify one or more days of the week.
    • Monthly: You can specify one or more dates of the month.

      If 29th, 30th or 31st is selected and doesn't occur in a month, the email will be sent on the last day of the month.

  • Email recipient (C): One or more email addresses can be added

  • Enable settings (D):
    • Always: Emailing will commence from the next day after saving the current Notification instance.
    • Disabled: Emailing will be disabled and NOT sent to any of the listed recipients
    • Custom: You can set a start date and end date if needed.

      If you would like the notification emails to start from today, choose custom, and set the start date to be TODAY'S DATE.

  • Once completed, click Save.  Your Notification settings will be saved in the Notification Scheduler List

  • You can also Edit or Delete a Notification setting - just click on the "Actions" button to the right and select "Edit" or "Delete".


NOTE: If you are not receiving your Email Notifications - please check your junk or spam email folder.

A VIDEO guide is also available - click HERE

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