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Once you have set up your e-Log Sheet Schedule, you can set up the REFSS system to email you a report on your new e-Log sheet activity on a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly basis.


The Notification Scheduler allows you to set up individual notifications, that can be configured how you want them to be.  It will send an email containing a snapshot of the activity statistics for the selected e-log sheets.

NOTE: Notification emails can only be sent for e-log sheets that have Scheduler intervals already set.  Click HERE to find out how to set up your e-log sheet scheduler intervals 


How to use the Notification Scheduler

  • After logging in to the Setup Wizard, click the "My Sites" red drop down and select your site.

    - Alternatively you can click the "Actions" button and select "Lists"

  • In the left menu, click "Notification Scheduler" and click on the "+Add" button 

There are several variables that can be configured:

  • E-Log sheet (A):  You can specify individual e-log sheets that you would like to report on, or select all the elog sheets to get a general activity report on all log sheets.  Click the box and select the desired e-log sheets or begin typing the name of the log sheet to filter, then select them.

    If you don't select all the available e-log sheets, be aware that the statistics that will be emailed may differ from the General On time, late etc. numbers in the Scheduler reporting section of the REFSS dashboard (see image at the top of this page).

  • Frequency of emailed report (B) - select one of the radio options:
    • Daily: Report is emailed every day at approx 4:30am AEDT 
    • Weekly: You can specify one or more days of the week, the email will be sent at approx. 4:30am AEDT
    • Monthly: You can specify one or more dates of the month, the email will be sent at approx. 4:30am AEDT.  

      If 29th, 30th or 31st is selected and doesn't occur in a month, the email will be sent on the last day of the month.

  • Email recipient (C): One or more email addresses can be added

  • Enable settings (D):
    • Always: Emailing will commence from the next day after saving the current Notification instance.
    • Disabled: Emailing will be disabled and NOT sent to any of the listed recipients
    • Custom: You can set a start date and end date if needed.

      If you would like the notification emails to start from today, choose custom, and set the start date to be TODAY'S DATE.

  • Once completed, click Save.  Your Notification settings will be saved in the Notification Scheduler List

  • You can also Edit or Delete a Notification setting - just click on the "Actions" button to the right and select "Edit" or "Delete".


Notification Emails 

The Notification Scheduler system runs every morning around 4:30am AEDT.  The system will check for any listed Notifications you may have saved, and for any that exist, will send an email notification if the setting rules have been met - i.e. if it is Monday and your settings indicate a "weekly" email, set to send on Monday, the system will generate an email and send to all recipients added in that Notification.

The following statistics are reported on (A):

  • Non-Compliant (coming soon)
  • Not Submitted
  • On Time
  • Late
  • Outside Schedule

To review the Scheduler rules, click HERE


If you are having trouble viewing the email, you can also open the report in a web page - click the "View as a web page" link in the top right corner of the email body (B).

You can also log straight in to your Scheduler reporting page by clicking the "Log in to Dashboard" button (C).

The email notification also lists the related e-log sheets that were selected to generate the given statistics towards the lower part of the email (D).


NOTE: If you are not receiving your Email Notifications - please check your junk or spam email folder.


Existing Notification Email users - Migrating to the NEW Notification Scheduler

If you have been using the existing Notifications system (click HERE for info) - you will continue to receive these emails as normal.  

If you would like to take advantage of the new functionality (reporting on individual elog sheets, scheduler intervals for daily AND weekly log sheets etc), then it is recommended that you set up the NEW Scheduler and Notifications emails, and disable the old ones to avoid confusion.

Unfortunately there is no "migrate" button - which means you will need to re-create the Scheduled intervals for each log sheet - but don't worry, just follow the steps to: 

And remember to disable your existing notifications from the Dashboard reporting page

  • Click on the "Dashboard Reporting" left menu link
  • Click the "Settings" button (A) in the top right corner of the Dashboard reporting site
  • Select "Notifications" (C)
  • Untick the "Enabled" box
  • Click SAVE to save the changes.



A VIDEO guide is also available - click HERE

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