I have made changes to List item(s) on my computer but the changes aren't showing on my device. Why?

If you have made changes (incl. adding, editing, deleting) to any items in your Equipment, Staff, Suppliers, or Cooked Products lists, and you cannot see any change on the device, try these steps (in order):

  1. Did you re-publish your e-Log sheets?  
    Your e-Log sheets need to be re-published after making changes to any of your lists. 

    In your setup wizard on the left Menu, click on Publish e-Log Sheets:

  2. Sync the Eziops App on the tablet:Open Eziops app on your tablet, Look to the bottom for a "Settings" tab, click it.  Then click "Sync now".  This will force the tablet to download the very latest versions of all the elogs.


    You forms should have updated list information in them!
  3. If you still can't see the changes on the device, Make sure you are connected to the internet
    - open an internet browser (Android: Google Chrome; iOs: Safari) and try opening a website, making sure the website has new information (i.e. page is not cached) - like a news website:
    - verify the page has loaded ok
    - if not, check your device's internet connection in "Settings", make sure you are connected to the correct internet point and that the password is correct.
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