My Council has never asked for some of the monitoring records we are being asked to complete, why do we have to do them?

Food Standards Code, 3.2.1 Division 2 (5c to f) Content of Food Safety Programs, A food safety program must (c) provide for the systematic monitoring of the control methods used for the potential hazards identified in the Food Safety Program, the monitoring records will (d) provide for appropriate corrective action when that hazard, or each of those hazards, is found not to be under control, and (f) provide for appropriate records to be made and kept by the food business demonstrating action taken in relation to, or in compliance with, the food safety program.

All of the Monitoring Records in use ensure that the hazards within your food business are being effectively controlled. Although some Local Councils do not ask for a particular record does not necessarily mean that it is not required. In all cases if a hazard within your business causes a public health risk these monitoring records may be used to limit the liability as you can show evidence of compliance/control of the hazard. Without them there is no defence.

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